Happy 2nd Marriage Anniversary Karan & Jennifer!

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Balam pichkaari jo tune mujhe maari
toh bole re zamaana kharaabi hogayi…


Happy Holi :D

Soni sonnni.

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Happy Holi to you (Jennifer) and to you all KSGians and KaJenians and Jenniferians. We are happy working together and I’m sure you guys are also happy, so have fun! - Karan Singh Grover

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"Hum bhi kafi khush aur excited hain."

yes i do miss. maggi che che. i miss you btw. i stopped watching for a while when ayaan was a brat and anshuman was an even bigger brat, but then when ayaan straighteneup i started up again, BUT YA it’s one of my fav’s hehehehhe AND MIQ :’))

Awwww hun, I miss you alot too but I am glad that you’re atleast here :D But OMG I am so glad you like it too :D Its such a refreshing show devoid of all the manhandlings and hatred shit. 
And yes MIQ is just ah-mazing! His voice though OMG ORGASMIC. 

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